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Letters from another world

Pen-pals for fans of video games!

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Pen-pals for video game fans!
Welcome to vgames_penpals! This is a community for those who are looking for pen-pals, for snail mail and e-mail, more specifically with the common interest of video games!

Please remember to be kind to everyone :) This community is meant to create friendships, not enemies!

how to post

1. DO NOT post your physical address directly into your post! This is for your own safety. The best way is to exchange them via e-mail or LJ messages.
2. When giving your e-mail address, remember to put a space somewhere in your e-mail address to break the link. This is to avoid spam messaging from unwanted bots and people!
3. Do I have to exchange traditional/snail-mail? You don't have to! If you are more comfortable with e-mails or instant messaging, please specify so.
4. Do I have to write in English? In the community, please write in English, so everyone can understand your post. But, of course, you don't have to write in English in your letters! If you are looking for a pen-pal speaking a specific language, please state so.
5. No spam or off-topic posts! But you can talk about whatever in your comments :) To affiliate, please request here.
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